Terms And Conditions

All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase or as specified on the voucher redeem by date both on the voucher and receipt.  They are non refundable for a cash alternative. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to purchase a gift appropriate for the intended recipient and it is the responsibility of the recipient to double check that the restrictions are not prohibitive.  All Vouchers are transferable to another person within the validity date/redeem by date for an administration charge of £25.  The onus is on the gift recipient to ensure that they book their experience in plenty of time to ensure it is taken before the expiry date/redeem by date.  All expired vouchers are classed as spent/used. Vouchers can only be booked in during their validity period/ prior to the redeem by date/expiry.  The lead time for bookings varies according to the time of year and it is advisable to book well in advance for peak periods particularly in the summer months which could be as much as 2 months prior.  Buying a gift voucher does not entitle you to book any specific date and as such if you require a specific date you should check availability and not buy an open voucher but book a date. Gift vouchers are subject to our availability and it is necessary to check the flexibility/scheduling if you buy a specific course voucher as certain products are only run on specific times of the year and specific days. This information is listed on the individual products pages for that product.   Please note by purchasing from us you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and accept that they may change due to English law or extenuating circumstances.  You also agree by purchasing from us to strictly to adhere to the requirements of our health and safety policy which will also fall inline with current English law.   Corona- if you had a voucher that expired in lock-down you will be given extension to 31/10/20 it must have been used and the activity done by this expiry no further extension will be given. It is your responsibility to re book we have contacted you. Any one else who has a voucher that expires in 2020 from July 2020 on wards it will be given an automatic 3 months extension. No further extension will be given.  Any new voucher that has been purchased from 23rd March 2020 will not be given any extension as all new voucher purchases have already been given an extension to cover over the pandemic period.  To be clear no further extensions will be given other than as stated above.  


Refund Policy

Vouchers are refundable upto 14 days from the date of purchase to comply with UK law.  Customers must email their request to office@silverstonerally.co.uk within 14 days from the date of purchase stating the name of the person purchasing,  voucher reference and date purchased.  Refunds will be given directly back onto the card that you purchased with.  In compliance with UK law all date bookings are strictly non refundable and our date booking cancellation policy as below will comply from the date of purchase.  Please note if you redeem a voucher and book a date and the date has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control you will not be entitled to a refund as you had a non refundable voucher.  You will of course be offered a replacement date or you voucher will be put into non redeemed status to be rebooked again within its validity period.

Please note that due to the current Covid 19 pandemic our operations may be suspended/locked down.  You are making a booking under the understanding that you may have to be rescheduled due to Government lockdown and by purchasing from Silverstone Rally you agree that this is completely out of our control and that you are happy to rescheduled to another agreed date should this be the case when the Government has given us sanction to operate. 



Vouchers and bookings can be confirmed either by email free of charge or via a gift card in the post chargable.  Email within 24 hrs of purchase or delivered by royalmail by first class post allow upto 2 working days. Or by purchasing an instantly downloadable gift voucher you agree to ensure the voucher number and expiry date is put into the downloadable voucher once you have downloaded it and you are responsible to ensure your recipient is made fully aware the voucher expires 12 months from the date of purchase.  By buying a downloadable voucher you have agreed to these terms.


If the holder of the gift voucher wishes to upgrade their voucher to a another type of experience they may do so by paying the difference.  There is no administration charge for doing this and this can be done by calling our office stating that you wish to upgrade but of course this is also subject to availability on the product you wish to upgrade.  We sell driver training and experiences which are given to people as gifts.  The owner of the experience/course is the nominated named driver attendee or named voucher giftee.  Where the giftee is a minor the guardian of that giftee will be classed as the owner. By booking with us you agree with these terms and conditions. 

Once a date is booked and confirmed there is no cancellation or transfer option.   Make sure you arrive on time ideally no later than 15 minutes prior to your start time. It is the drivers responsibility to arrive on time to complete the experience.  We are unable to wait for late arrivals and if the health and safety briefing is missed or has started the driver (participator) will not be allowed to participate as part of the terms and conditions of booking is that you must arrive on time and sit the full safety briefing at your allocated time.  - This will mean forfeiture of your experience you will not be allowed to rebook .    All bookings are final and no refund will be given.  We do offer cancellation safeguard for £25 per individual/person booking that will cover one cancellation for illness to the said individual (driver), death of a close family member(next of kin parent or the drivers childs, and breakdown/flight delay all for the individual.  In all instances proof is required before rebooking (i.e... doctors sick note copy of breakdown report from relevant recovery agency). Please note drivers are individual and in a group booking it will only safeguard the individual the other drivers booked in will be expected to attend. Please note this can only be purchased when booking in or upto 48 hrs after you have confirmed your booking.  It can not be purchased for last minute bookings or bookings made within two weeks of the date booked. Please note if you purchase cancellation safeguard for a number of individuals if anyone one of the individuals is unable to attend due to illness etc those others in the group will still be required to attend as it is not a group safeguard but individual.   Please note on booking directly from our website we will always try to comply with the requested time slot but occasionally we may need to adjust the time for the date you have booked to ensure we have the relevant level of instructor to deliver your course and by booking you accept this flexibility within reason i.e if you requested a morning start time it will be morning and afternoon it will be afternoon. .  We will of course always deliver on the date you have requested subject to circumstances beyond our control. 


Any individual vouchers purchased either from the Silverstone Rally School or from another company on any special offer will be treated as an individual voucher and cannot be used with any other offer.  They will also only be booked in on an individual by individual  basis and it cannot be guaranteed to be used as multiple vouchers to make a group booking.  Each voucher will be given a date allocation as one per person only.  Therefore any group with individual vouchers each cannot expect to be given a booking for the same date at the school and we will not offer or guarantee a group booking but we may accommodate where possible. Please also note we do not take deposits on gift vouchers or on date bookings and not on special offers.


We have a strictly no cancellation policy  as we cannot be held responsible for illness or any reason why you are not able to attend.  We will have turned other clients away who wanted to book your space and we will be unable to get this time back.  We will also have arranged the training staff for the day. Therefore once you have booked a date you cancelling will be deemed to be breaking the contract and any responsibility for Silverstone Rally School will be negated. Please note any dates booked online are subject to confirmation.


Please be aware the timings on all of our group courses are based upon us running at full capacity with 6 people per car and instructor  Customers will always get the set practices promised in our write up but if we have low numbers we may have to cancel or you will finish earlier but you will get exactly the same practices and the same amount of individual time.  We always try and work on our published ratio on group courses of 6 people to an instructor, however from time to time although rarely this ratio may vary very slightly due to employee sickness as we only use licenced instructors and if we are notified of the sickness only on the morning of your event it is of course difficult for us to get a replacement and of course those taking the experience will have already set off to get to our venue so we take the most appropriate action at the time. However we will make sure that this does not effect your rally driving in car time we may just run a little longer or reduce the number of times slightly that people change over i.e. combine the driving practice you will still do exactly the same amount of driving.  If this were to be effected we would cancel and reschedule.


From time to time although rarely we may have to transfer your booking this could be due to the weather conditions i.e... fog or very severe snow -  or conditions beyond our control  should this occur you  will be offered an alternative date for the same product.  


Please note you must have the issued voucher to redeem your experience and unfortunately we cannot issue a new voucher for lost vouchers you must have the original voucher to book your course and you must bring the voucher with you on the day you take your rally experience/course and hand it into reception on signing in.  Failure to do this means you will forfeit you day so please remember to bring it as we want you to enjoy your day! Make sure you keep it in a safe place as your voucher is just like cash it us a token that you use to cash in and get your experience. It also has a unique reference number on it which we also need to be able to make any booking.


If you have chosen a particular experience that allows you to choose the type of car driven and the car becomes unavailable due to circumstances out of our control then another vehicle option may be used.

Please be advised that all persons participating or spectating will be required to complete indemnity documentation.  Children under 16 are only allowed if they are a participating driver and  must be signed in by an accompanying adult who is not participating (Declaration available on request), This is due to current Government regulation.  All people on the premises must also attend our safety briefing and take note of the health and safety requirements this will also be available for you to read on checkin should you require and is also on our notice board.  Please note that due to health and safety and our insurance dogs are not allowed.  Please note our guest spectator policy is currently inline with Government Covid 19 restrictions for our operations and is clearly detailed in your confirmation, however this may change at any time due to Government regulation cost of £5 a guest.  It is imperative that all guests on our premises follow the Covid Guidelines which will be clearly outlined in the confirmation of booking which also forms part of our terms and conditions.  Please note our checkin procedure has changed due to Covid 19 and can be found in detail on your confirmation of booking which is part of our terms and conditions.  All guest's and drivers must read the confirmation of booking in full and anyone on our premises agrees to be bound by the indemnity in the confirmation of booking.  Driver PPE will be issued and expected to be worn at a cost of £5.00. 


Silverstone Rally School is in a picturesque country setting adjacent to the forest and guests are requested to ensure they wear the appropriate clothing and foot wear for both the setting and weather and guests will be asked to stand only in our designated viewing areas which will be pointed out in our briefing and are well signed.    Please be aware that we want you to enjoy your experience and that we value both the safety of our guests/participants and our instructors.  Should you be driving inappropriately or out of control we will terminate your experience and no refund will be given.  If you damage the vehicle in any way your experience will be terminated. Please ensure that both drivers and guests wear the appropriate clothing for both activity and weather viewing is outside.


Please note that all times quoted on our Website are based on us running at full capacity.  If the course on the day you attend is not fully allocated your experience may end  a little earlier equally sometimes when at full capacity we do over run.  Please note that the dates shown on our Website do not guarantee availability as we have many other Website and companies selling our allocation so it may not show the true availability.  The dates shown on our Website are for date bookings only and voucher booking dates may be on different dates so you would need to ring for voucher availability.  Therefore  Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed online and you must phone to get any availability where at this time we will be most happy to give you the current availability and get you booked in for the experience of a lifetime!

If you have requested a particular type of car we will always do our best to accommodate and you must tell us if you have a strong preference.  However this cannot always be guaranteed as a different vehicle may be running on the day you are booked in due to various reasons outside of our control.


If you have used a promotional code to make a purchase you have agreed to the terms of that promotional code. Any one who purchases from our website is agreeing that the proposed driver meets the age weight and height restrictions of our products.  All drivers for their personal safety must have a good understanding of the English language to ensure they have a good understanding of what is being instructed. In extenuating circumstances if our cost base increases signifcantly we may have to recoup some of these costs and add a nominal fee to your booking these are costs that are out of our control, like Insurance, petrol.  


Indemnity:  All participants or an appropriate adult guardian of juniors will be required to sign an indemnity before participating.  It is the drivers responsibility or their guardians to ensure that they are physically fit enough and in good health to take part in rally driving if in doubt you should consult your doctor as certain conditions may not be appropriate to drive.  We reserve the right to also ask for medical reassurance - all drivers drive at their own risk.  If someone has a voucher supplied by Silverstone Rally School and they do not think they are fit to drive they are welcome to transfer the voucher to someone else to take part in their place - the voucher can also  be transferred to another product which is more suitable to whom you are transferring subject to any difference in cost paid.  Please be aware that currently our indemnity procedure has changed and is detailed in our booking confirmation.   By booking with us you agree to read our confirmations in full and follow those health and safety procedures outlined for everyones safety prior to attending your event. 



Any promotional codes are subject to the terms and conditions stated for use of that promotional code.  Any codes used in approprately will not be verified and cancelled.


Privacy Policy

Any data given by you to us will only be used for the purpose of Silverstone Rally School.  The information given by you will only be used in relation to your request or products and services you have purchased from us. We will only contact you for the reasons you have agreed.