The Silverstone 4 x 4 off road challenge is an unrivalled & unique off road experience challenging and exciting every minute of your time behind the wheel! Start with a lets understand safety briefing (5 minutes). Then lets go strap your self in.  Full safety harnesses to keep you secure, into low gear, 4 wheel drive selected.  A short 2 minute drive to your first of 5 interlinking challenge area's.  Acclimatising on the way with supporting guidance from your instructor!  30 minutes behind the wheel time with supporting guidance from your instructor you will attempt all five challenges and you will receive ongoing and expert one on one guidance and coaching from our professional team of experts sitting along side you!  £110 week day £125 weekend.  Book a date or buy a gift voucher which is valid for 12 months. Adult driving only age 17 & up plus full licence.

Challenge 1 - The Sky View and Side Ways Tilt

Turn the vehicle into a mountain goat, drive the vehicle up and over tree lined steep inclines - the only view is the sky!  Check out the tilt measurement on the dash, & grab a photo on your phone.  Steep descents, tight turns and rugged undulating pathways all await you!

Challenge 2 - The Sea Saw

Everyone's favourite!  Can you balance the vehicle on our sea saw over 1.5 meter above the ground?  How steady can you be creeping forward a millimetre at a time.  Find the pivot point and balance - need to hold your breath! Drive around our rugged terrain with a few surprises to negotiate.  Line the vehicle up to the sea saw and have another go all in front of the watching audience.

Challenge 3-The Troughs

Balance the vehicle through a series of differing land heights that pivot you at some incredible angles, check out the tilt degree on the dashboard.  Climb the steep hill only the sky to view!  Then a sudden descent to gain access and exiting this area be prepared for a series of inclines and descents with no room for Error!

Challenge 4 - The Bomb Holes

Entering this area you will not be able to see what awaits you!.  Navigate the vehicle down steep drops to the water below with steep climbs out.  Only the sky to look at!  Tip the vehicle on the steep sides through a snake passage.

  Challenge 5 -  The Slope 

Navigate through the trees on a steep slope - don't look down!  Then tilt on our steep banks, navigating your path on narrow undulating tracks working your way back to the finish with feedback from your personal instructor.

Please note our restrictions are max height 6ft 6 inches.  Max weight 18 stone.  This is for 4x4 and rally..

On weekends the half day and 4x4 challenge is Saturdays with the rally being a morning session..

the 4x4 challenge alone at weekends will mainly be afternoon time slot and mostly Saturdays.  Weekdays can have flexible time slots mainly Weds, Thurs, Fri..

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