Silverstone Rally School


Why choose us?

Silverstone Rally School

Pre-Event Training

Silverstone Rally School

Arrive and Drive

Silverstone Rally School

Experienced Service Crew

Silverstone Rally School

Experienced Navigator Included

Silverstone Rally School

Reliable, well prepared cars

Silverstone Rally School

Welcoming team environment

The Silverstone Rally School team run a fleet of expertly prepared Nissan Micras. Built by the company and maintained by our team, chosen because they are a perfect car to complete your event whilst enjoying every minute in a fun front wheel drive car.

We will guide you before and during the event. Our team and your experienced navigator will be able to help you with any questions throughout the rally.

Pre Rally

One to one training includes classroom and driving skills, plus it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss what you will need for your first event.


*This is required to compete in any rally

Your Rally

Full Rally Package Available
from £2,500

Your rally costs include
Silverstone Rally School
Silverstone Rally School
Silverstone Rally School
Silverstone Rally School
Silverstone Rally School
All car maintenance
Silverstone Rally School
On event support

Our technicians will prepare the Rally Car, guide you through scrutineering, adjust your seating and maintain the car throughout. Ensuring tyre pressures are adjusted, levels are topped and carrying out a spanner checks during the event is second nature for our experienced team.

Do you have any questions?

Call now on 01327 857413 or email office@silverstonerally.co.uk


Do I need any motorsport experience?

The only qualification you will need is a Motorsport UK Stage Rally License. To get this you will need to pass your BARS test, this is a standard test that we can carry out at Silverstone Rally School comprised of a practical driving assessment and a theory paper. We would recommend some training beforehand, but it is not compulsory.

Apart from the above, you do not need to have had any previous motorsport experience but we do recommend training prior to the event for the safety of yourself and the navigator. Plus you will be more prepared!

Do you provide clothing for the event?

We do not provide fireproof rally clothing but we can tell you what you need to ensure you are allowed to compete in an event.

We recommend you speak directly to a supplier to purchase what is required. All clothing is homologated which gives the item a date denoting when it was made. If this date is no longer inline with current rules, you will not be able to compete.

It’s not too dissimilar to a sell-by-date.

As a rule you need:
Silverstone Rally School
A fireproof suit
Silverstone Rally School
A fireproof balaclava
Silverstone Rally School
HANS device
Silverstone Rally School
Recommended but not currently essential.
Race boots
Suggested suppliers
Silverstone Rally School

Where will the Rally be?

There are a number of single venue events that the Silverstone Rally School Team select from the motorsport calendar. This includes the Toyota Harlech Stages, Glyn Memorial, Get Sideways Stages and many more across the UK. We will talk you through the options and availability.

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