Rally Solo - Private rally tuition/rally experience 

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This is your chance to have the rally stage to yourself with personal one to one tuition by our qualified instructor!  All Solos can be booked for either rear wheel, front wheel or 4 WD cars please mention at the time of booking. Book this course for just an experience or for professional driver training ideal for beginner, advanced, intermediate tuition as we bespoke this training to your individual ability. Our one on one courses are designed to offer you an unrivalled level of tuition and can be a great aid to those entering rally sport and those who are seasoned Motorsport drivers looking to enhance their driving skill.  We can also bespoke a course for you to cover particular areas of required tuition and can also teach precision and evasive driving to a considerably high level.


Drive  Escort Mk2, Subaru or choose front wheel drive or turbo. The basic pricing structure is for front wheel drive or rear wheel drive Subaru

Let's Start - Sign on, relax with a coffee, introduction to your instructor with informal one on one lecture to include safety and the basic principals of rally driving techniques and car control. Here the objectives will be set for your personal one to one tuition based upon your previous experience - don't worry if you have never driven a rally car before.


Based upon your personal objectives & experience the instructor will then take you around the stage demonstrating the techniques of driving a rally car - power sliding, handbrake turns and pendulum slides. You will then take the controls practising these techniques, driving our authentic gravel rally stage through sequences of tight corners & sweeping bends mastering the rally driving techniques.

You will feel the adrenaline flowing and your confidence growing as the only person using the stage is you!

And finally - The "hot seat" ride. The instructor demonstrates the true potential of the  car you have been driving followed by a review of the objectives and we will email you a "Rally Solo" certificate.  Mainly weekdays (excluding Mondays) weekends possible subject to upgrade fee of 20% by phone only but subject to availability. Time slots through out the day from 8.30 am to 3 pm subject to availability but dependant on the duration you choose.

NB The Rally Solo half day and full day can be split by 2 people if required.


Please  note we can also offer residential tuition over a period of days and those details can be found here:- 



This product/training can be purchased for the following amounts of car time/duration:-


The Rally Solo Intro gives 30 min classroom/30 mins in car 1 hr total From £189

Rally Solo Intermediate gives 30 mins classroom/60 mins incar 1.5 hr total From £299

Rally Solo Intermediate Plus gives 30 mins classroom/90 min in car 2.0 hr total From £389

Rally Solo Half Day gives 30 mins brief/150 mins in car 3.0 hr total From £580 (Also minimum requirement for Advanced BARS)

Rally Solo Full Day gives 60 mins brief/300 mins in car 6.0 hr total From £1150

Restrictions min age 17 full UK driving licence maximum height 6ft 6 inches max weight 18 stone