Junior Rally Solo From £148

The session will start with a safety briefing and classroom session.  This course is a one on one.  We can bespoke it to your own personal ability and there is no car sharing.  You basically have it all to yourself.  Ideal for all levels as we instruct according to your ability. This is a private junior rally driver training/junior rally experience.


Starting off with learning the basics, you will practise the use of the accelerator and clutch control along with steering and braking techniques.


All this on an authentic rally stage in a Ford KA rally car with roll bars and rally seats and harnesses. This is a private rally experience just you the instructor and the rally car . You will practise all the techniques such as clutch control, handbrake turns and powerslides and have the  time and car completely to yourself wow!  You will then finish off your course with a high speed passenger ride!  This is authentic rally driving!


You will have  30 mins drive time and 30 mins briefing for the Rally Solo Introductory £148. You will have 45 mins drive time for the Rally Solo Introductory Plus briefing £210. 1 hours drive time and 30 mins in the classroom for the Rally Solo Intermediate £249  and 1.5 hrs drive time for the Rally Solo Intermediate plus which will last in total 2 hrs with the classroom briefing £315.00. For the more experienced junior driver we will build on your rally driving techniques enhancing your ability in the car.


Restrictions must be 4' 6 inches in height  age 10 to 16 years.

Available on weekdays/school holidays throughout the year and the occasional Sundays and Saturdays at least one weekend date per month.


This course is ideal to accelerate driver development or for rally enthusiasts who want bespoke training according to their ability.   It is also suitable for any junior driver wanting to book a private experience  with driving experience or none. This is the ultimate course!


Please note we can also offer tuition in your own rally car providing it has an MSA rally car log book.  We look forward to welcoming you to our rally school.  Please note if you book more than 1 solo at the same time slot for more than 1 driver they will be run back to back and not simultaneously in most instances.  The time slot allocated will be at the same start time to allow for a simultaneous briefing.  In this instance the car time can be split in rotations between the drivers or each session can be driven entire. For simultaneous driving for more than one driver please call prior to booking.