Youth Rally Stage 2
Half Day Rally Experience

This morning event takes place one Saturday per month and during school holidays, and will give your young person a real taste for rallying, covering all the basic rally driver techniques of handbrake turns and powerslides, followed by 3 full laps of our authentic gravel rally stage where you can put your new skills to the test. All of this for just £185 per experience.

To Start – Informal briefing on the basic principles of rally driving techniques and car control delivered by our qualified instructors in our purpose built training room  - approx 20 mins.


Session 1

Powersliding - each participant will in turn take the driving seat and practice the basic “sideways” control using manoeuvres that co-ordinate power and steering balance. Starting with left hand only, followed by right hand only - a true test of your cognitive skills.


Session 2

Handbrake turns - each participant will practice handbrake turns, hard cornering and car positioning techniques through a sequence of tight corners on our special stage. Again starting with left hand only, then switching it up to right hand - you won't believe the difference!


Session 3

Combine your new found skills with surprising results over 3 full laps of our authentic gravel rally stage.


And finally – why not let your instructor show you how it's really done! Hold on tight, feel your adrenaline rise as your instructor demonstrates the true potential of the car on one of our hotlaps. Available to purchase on the day £25 for you and/or your guests. 



What you need to know...

Restrictions apply - minimum height 137 cms. Maximum age 17 years with NO full UK driving licence.

Please allow approx 3 - 4 hours at the rally school for your experience, based on 6 people maximum per car/instructor Including mandatory safety briefing. Please note sessions are driving back to back and the order of each session will be dependent on your group. 

Driving dual controlled FWD Ford Ka cars. We reserve the right to change cars in the event of technical/availability issues.


Drivers and guests can add a high speed passenger ride for £25, available on the day of your experience - just speak to our team.


Once booked, cancellations are not accepted, but changes can be made up to 28 days prior to your event. 

Full Terms & Conditions available