Half Day Rally Experience Course

To Start– Informal lecture on the basic principles of rally driving techniques and car control delivered by our qualified instructors in our purpose built training room approx 20 mins.


Practice 1– Power sliding, after a short demonstration by your instructor, each pupil will in turn take the driving seat and practice the basic “sideways” control using manoeuvres that co-ordinate power and steering balance.


Practice 2– Handbrake turns, again following a short demonstration, each pupil practises handbrake turns, hard cornering and car positioning techniques through a sequence of tight corners on our special stage. 1  & 2 can be in a different order depending in which group you are driving in.  Sometimes 1 & 2 can be combined sessions.


Practice 3– Another driving session where the two techniques above are combined and reinforced with surprising results!!


Drive the complete loose surface special stage with the instructor talking you through from the co-drivers seat as you practice all you have learnt throughout the morning.


And finally– Hold on tight feel your adrenaline rise as the instructor demonstrates the true potential of the car purchase a token on the day or buy now for £25 – awesome. De brief, the instructor’s summaries the morning’s activities giving advice as required.

We will then email you a certificate incelebration of your driving achievement.


Rally experience concluded. Ratio 6 people per/car instructor taking turns.

See terms and conditions for all restrictions. Must have full driving licence, max height 6ft 6 inches max weight 18 stone.

9 am to 12 noon approx to include safety briefing and in car demonstrations. Most Saturdays and very occasional  Tuesdays or Thursdays

Restrictions min age 17 full UK driving licence maximum height 6ft 6 inches max weight 18 stone