Full Day Rally Experience Course From £279

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To Start the day:- 


Introduction to the day’s instructors, informal lecture on the basic principles of rally driving techniques and car control delivered by our qualified instructors in our purpose built training room approx 20 mins.


Practice 1

Power sliding, after a short demonstration by your instructor, each delegate will in turn take the driving seat and practice the basic “sideways” control using manoeuvres that co-ordinate power and steering balance.


Practice 2

Handbrake turns, again following a short demonstration, each pupil practices handbrake turns, hard cornering and car positioning techniques through a sequence of tight corners on our special stage.


Practice 3

Another driving session where the two techniques above are combined and reinforced with surprising results!!


Lunch   - will usually be Taken here at the school starting from £5.90 -   or we may give you advice of local eateries. Our food served may contain allergens.


Lets take it up to the next level as your new found confidence builds up in speed.  In the afternoon you will learn about hard braking techniques, you may learn a different kind of power-slide and have a go at the Scandinavian flick testing your new skills and ability to the full! With very challenging bends and corners to navigate along with some additional straights and to top it off your final drive the instructor becomes your navigator and you will put into practice everything you have learned through out your awesome day! Tailored though accordingly to your ability. 


And Finally

The “hot seat ”* ride. The instructor takes the wheel and gives each delegate a passenger ride at authentic rally speed around the full stage awesome! – Feel the adrenaline level rise and monitor the wow factor! Guest spectators can purchase this too for £25 on the day.

Calm down DE-brief, the instructor’s summarise the day’s activities giving advice we will email a Silverstone Rally School certificates to all delegates.  The Clubman's Course starts at 9 am and finishes at approx  3.30 - 4.00pm but is dependant on numbers on the day.These timings are based upon us running at  full capacity - up-to 6 people per car/instructor

Max height 6ft 6 inches max weight 18 stone.  Most Saturdays with the Occasional Tuesday or Thursday throughout the year,


Subaru Impreza £279, Escort MK2 £299 Subaru Turbo £325, Double UP Subaru RWD & 4WD £310.  We also operate a Night Rally full day from time to time on a week day in the Autumn and Winter period.  This is still the full throttle full day but starts at 13.00 giving you the opportunity to drive in the dark.

It usually concludes around 8 pm.  Next night rally session is 21st November.  Just book the date via this web-page.


 Please note date bookings are non  transferable /cancellable 28 days prior to the event.  If you wish to safeguard your date booking this can be purchased for £25.00 per individual.

Restrictions min age 17 full UK driving licence maximum height 6ft 6 inches max weight 18 stone