Silverstone Rally School


We are a British Association of Rally Schools accredited school. This means that we can give people BARS licences, which you will need to compete on a rally.

The first step towards gaining your BARS licence is ordering your ‘Go Rallying’ Pack. This has your first licence application as well as all of the information you need to know to pass the theory part of your test. You can order ‘Go Rallying’ Packs here.

When you have ordered your ‘Go Rallying’ Pack, get in contact with our expert team on 01327857413 or email office@silverstonerally.co.uk to book your test. They’re always happy to talk you through the process!

The Test

The theory test consists of two parts, both with multiple choice questions. Section 1 has 10 questions, all of which you must get right. These are all about the signs you will see on a rally stage as well as safety. Section 2 has another 10 questions, you can get one of these wrong. The questions in Section 2 are more generalised questions that are slightly more technical.


The driving part of the test consists of a short assessment where your assessor will be marking you on things like car control, braking, and mechanical sympathy. The most important thing is that they feel you will be safe and not putting yourself or others at risk whilst you are competing.

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